The Blizzard BPO pizza ovens have been around for a couple of months now and we thought it was about time we show you a little more about why these small but mighty appliances are perfect for any bar, cafe, small takeaway and more!


Nothing Can Beat Traditionally Cooked Pizza, Right?



Pizza is a contentious topic, Deep pan or thin & crispy, Wood fired or oven baked and of course the old favourite, does pineapple really belong on a pizza? We can't answer those questions but we can tell you that Blizzard have pulled out all the stops to ensure their counter top pizza ovens are the best of all worlds. While it's clear that a traditional pizza oven is by far the most authentic way to cook pizza, the footprint, investment and training involved in using one of these units cannot be overstated enough and when you're looking to offer a simple way to cook pizza easily and efficiently within a small space there's nothing better than the BPO range of pizza ovens and thanks to their stone base included as standard on all units they look to mimic some of the characteristics a authentic pizza oven would bring.


So what's so special about them?



Available in both single and double deck variations the BPO pizza ovens are the perfect low foot print counter top solutions. With units stackable up to 3 decks high these stainless steel constructed pizza ovens are perfect for any food service kitchen. Complete with a windowed front hatch & internal lighting to allow easy viewing of the contents, you're sure to cook your

pizza in as little as 2 minutes with the perfect crispy base each and every time thanks to its included pizza stone on each deck. With manual controls that allow the user to individually control each element separately along with integrated timer you're sure to get the perfect cooked pizza each and every time.





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