Getting Your Product Delivered

Steps leading into a building, a low-height bridge and restricted access roads all have one thing in common, they will cost you time and money. Ensuring our delivery partners understand any obstruction will ultimately lead to a smoother delivery of your products and fewer unexpected charges. We’ve put together 5 top tips to ensure you’re prepared and ready for delivery of your new commercial catering equipment.



Getting The Delivery Safely To You

Most of our products are transported using a standard 18-tonne vehicle, which requires careful planning of the delivery route. To ensure a timely delivery, we need to inform our delivery partners of any potential obstacles, such as low bridges, narrow roads, or height restrictions. Are you aware of any such restrictions in the vicinity?

Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to other delivery restrictions, such as road closures, time-limited access streets, drop-off points restricted to pedestrians, or any other potential obstacles that may cause delays or prevent the delivery vehicle from reaching its destination.




Delivering Your Units

Our standard delivery includes kerb side delivery only, in which the driver leaves the unit outside the premises for the customer to unpack.If you request a specific service such as unpack and position, the carriers will take the unit into the premises, unpack on site then take away the main packaging. Please note our drivers WILL NOT plug any unit in due to health and safety restrictions. Listed below are some restrictions you may need to consider before making your order.

- Steps – Are there any steps when entering the premises? If so, these will need to be photographed so that we can send them to the carrier so that they can assessed.

- Door frames – The height and width of door frames are a common obstruction and one of the most important ones.

- No parking – If the driver does not have any access to nearby parking. They will not be able to offload the product.



Out With The Old In With The New

When arranging for a collection and disposal of an old unit it is vital that, on the day of the delivery, you follow these steps to ensure a safe and timely disposal of your old unit.

1. Unplug from the mains

2. Remove any contents from inside, If there are still products in the unit we will have to abort the collection

3. Make sure the unit has been cleaned, Inside and outside.

4. Finally, you will need to place the unit outside of the property ready for the driver to collect.

If at any point when collecting the unit, we deem that it hasn’t met any of these requirements and isn’t in the correct state. We can abort the collection and you will still be charged. This is due to the driver leaving space for your unit on the vehicle.

In the event, this does occur. You can choose to rearrange the collection of the unit for a different date, but you will still need                                                                               to meet the requirements.

                                                                             If you are unsure, we would much rather you ask so that you are not charged any further.



Failed Delivery 

Delivery failures are often caused by obstacles, such as steps, road closures, low-height bridges, and more. To avoid any risks, it's important that the 4 steps listed above are followed, to ensure that the journey and delivery of the unit runs smoothly and efficiently.

If your delivery fails due to any obstacle, it will be reported to us, and a charge will be added to your account. Please be aware that all other services, such as unpack and position, will also be added to the order. This is due to any extra equipment that will have been brought onto the vehicle for your delivery, whether that is a sat truck or an extra person if its a two man job.





Key Takeaways

- You need to make us aware of any potential obstacles that could hinder getting the delivery safely to you.

- Follow the specific requirements given for a collection and disposal.

- We should know about any obstructions we might face when delivering your unit.

By informing us of such obstacles, we can take the necessary precautions to ensure that your product is delivered safely and on time. Your cooperation in this matter will help us provide you with the best possible service and ensure that your product arrives without any complications.


Click here for the Delivery and Transport checklist