5 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Back Bar Bottle Cooler

We all know the bottle cooler is the centre of any bar, you’d be lost without it! Making sure it stays well maintained and has a long life is super important, not only will it save you from the stress of your bottle cooler breaking down, but it’ll also save you money! Here are our 5 top tips for keeping your back bar bottle cooler working as efficiently as possible.


Bottle coolers with adequate space around them



1. Give it space! One of the easiest ways to stop your bar cooler from working efficiently is by positioning it wrong. You need to ensure that you do not place it directly against a wall or any other units, there needs to be at least 60mm of space behind the rear of the unit and 30mm above and to the sides to ensure good air circulation. Being placed too close to other objects or walls means that airflow will be restricted so it will struggle to properly expel heat, which stops it from staying cool inside.


⬅ This back bar cooler has adequate space around all sides to ensure good air circulation.




A clean condenser



2. Keep it clean! This is the thing you need to keep on top of every day, keeping it clean is key to ensuring your bottle cooler works correctly. Any spillages should be cleaned up as soon as possible, making sure to never clean with corrosive detergents, wire brushes or abrasive scourers and that the power cord, control panel and plug do not get wet. Once a month, you should remove the back panel of your bottle cooler to check for any dust or debris, making sure to clean the condenser well, with a soft brush or vacuum, this expels the heat from your unit so make sure it stays clean is one of the best ways to ensure your bottle cooler works properly.

⬅ How a condenser should look, clean and free of any dust or debris.




A plug plugged into the mains outlet



3. Watch your power cord! As everyone knows, the power cord and plug are essential to any bottle cooler (well, anything that needs mains power really!) so looking after them not only ensures to stop breakdowns, but it also helps to ensure your safety. How and where you plug your bottle cooler in is a lot more important than you think. Never plug your unit into an extension lead, always plug it straight into the mains outlet, this will help to avoid breakdowns, short circuits and fires. You should also make sure it’s plugged in somewhere the cord won’t get wet, walked on or pinched by other appliances.







4. Wondering why your bottle cooler isn’t keeping temperature? Check the door seals! The internal temperature of most bottle coolers should range between 4°C to 12°C, if your cooler is measuring above this then there’s an issue somewhere. One of the easiest ways to stop this from happening is to keep the door seals properly maintained, if they’re damaged this can cause warm air to enter the unit meaning that the bottle cooler must work extra hard to stay cool. Never put your door seals through a dish or glass washer, instead use a water-based cleaner and gently wipe your door seals until they are clean, you should also make sure to clean the inside of the door where the door seals sit.


⬅ This is how your door seals should look - if they start to get rips or tears then it's time to replace them.



Professional mainteance



5. Keep up with professional maintenance – getting a professional to service your bottle cooler once a year is highly recommended to help maintain your warranty. Experts will be able to detect any professional maintenance problems and repair them before they cause big issues, as well as perform necessary tests to ensure your unit is in full working order.






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